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I'm loving the Surface!
December 31/2015

Microsoft Surface hits the $1.1 Bn revenue mark and despite a few fumbled attempts with the first versions of the surface, changes made by Microsoft for the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 have turned the product line into a success. 

As one that has bought many of the leading tablets in the market, it is very safe to say that the Surface (in my case Surface Pro 3) is easily the most productive and powerful tablet in the world. Although it comes in a tablet form, it is the only tablet to my knowledge that can produce at the same level as a quality laptop.  

Even if you take the current leading tablets from Samsung and Apple (Ipad Pro and Galaxy S2), the surface still has the edge. They just can’t do as much or offer that true desktop experience like the surface can.  Their tablets are still mobile Operating systems that don’t offer you the flexibility of installing whatever software you want like the Surface. You are still restricted to whatever is in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. For fun and entertainment, I still lean towards my Android, but for getting down to business, productivity and speed, the Surface is the way to go!

I am loving the new release of the Surface Book and am hoping the rumors are true about the release of a Surface phone in second half of 2016.


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