What technology is behind what may be the most comprehensive all in one inbound marketing platform? - Canada & USA

What technology is behind what may be the most comprehensive all in one inbound marketing platform?
January 25/2016

Sure there a massive eco-system for web based platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc, but these are not fully integrated platforms and come with many limitations do to the fact that they are constructed by huge “DISJOINTED” communities of developers. The applications and modules do not work together or seamlessly share data between themselves which seriously pose a limitation in digital marketing strategy. 

The Web Power Box by ForInsite may be the first of it’s kind.  A integrated publishing and strategy platform with over 85 plug and play applications, serving over 500 fully integrated functions and features and the best part, it all seamlessly works together providing you limitless capabilities.  It is the only platform that we have seen that is completely engineered from the principles of a strong business strategy where most others are built from the technical mindset. 

So what’s under the hood?

ADOBE COLDFUSION!  After seeing a demo of the Web Power Box, several have been shocked to learn that this platform is driven by ColdFusion. It definitely puts to rest the rumors that ColdFusion is an inferior and dying language.  In contrast, it proves that ColdFusion is one hell of a powerful and modern application development technology of choice.  In over 10 years of demoing the Web Power Box, we have yet to hear anyone say they have seen anything like it before.   
“WOW, I had no idea ColdFusion had advanced to this point. I didn’t know ColdFusion was capable to develop to this level” 

CEO and founder of ForInsite explains,
“ColdFusion is a very misunderstood technology. This is because several developers moved on from ColdFusion back in the days of CF 4 and 5 when it was still primarily only a tag based Language. They left it for more capable technologies at that time and didn’t look back or follow its evolution.  They still think it is like that today which couldn’t be further from the truth. Reality is that ColdFusion is just as powerful as any other option out there, contains massive built in feature sets, can be written as OOP and in many cases is the most efficient choice. You will never hear a modern day, competent ColdFusion programmer say that ColdFusion is inferior. In fact, if the developer is educated and competent with ColdFusion in its modern day state, I will bet they are praising it left, right and center”

ForInsite and its development team have produced a showcase for ColdFusion that clearly displays that ColdFusion is a powerful and robust choice for independent developers and web application engineering teams. ForInsite plans on two new product releases in 2016/2017 that also will demonstrate ColdFusion’s abilities once more!