Diverse & complexed business

A retail, service and sometimes a construction company all in one. This creates the need for multiple different types of software solutions which usually don't easily work together nor share needed information resulting in time consuming manual re_entering of data, increased human error and costly ineffective process.

Lack of TIME!

Jamming a full year's business into the pool season. This means you are often not doing the things you know you should be! Properly managing leads, doing customer follow-ups and building relationships with existing customers often fall through the cracks as time is scarce and automation is absent.

Adapting to the new DIGITAL
world of business!

Expectations of how business is being done is drastically and quickly changing in favor of online. Many of the websites in the pool industry are still a static, non-functional, bookmark presence that does produce results for the company. Pool retailers often struggle with how to implement "effective" online business delivery solutions and online customer services. An essential to be on the forefront of this much needed aspect of being a modern day business.

Business Process

Watch our business automation video series and see for yourself some of only a few examples of how insiteSuite v2023 is going to make your work life everything you want it to be. Remove process, stress and human error through integrated solutions that automate what you use to have to do manually

Disjoint between
website and POS

Having to manage two sources of product information, costs, pricing and other required product information. Entering Online transactions manually into your POS or trying to sync customer information between multiple software solutions. Getting back to customers regarding online service requests or trying to manage bookings and requests from multiple different sources. All examples of very time consuming, ineffective and costly processes prone to human error. A reality as to why many pool and spa dealers struggle to achieve successful online customer services and active business delivery.

Lack of technical /
digital marketing expertise!

We don't just hand you industry leading solutions, we even train your staff how to use them. Give you access to consulting courses and training programs on how to drive the toolsets to obtain results and maximize potential. Access the member center for a wealth of information to give you everything you need from hiring the right person, to us training them so you don't have to.