100 heads are better than 1. Get access to the ideas and strategies of the entire group. Countless hours of brainstorming sessions take place with our members which transform many ideas into industry leading online solutions and solid sales and market strategies. This promotes a collaborative design where each member's brightest ideas are shared to contribute to all members future success.

Constant Evolution!

Most Pool/Spa Dealers hire a firm / “web guy” to build their website and it stays as is for years until they build a new one. Dealers on EPP have an entire team of professional marketers, strategist and application developers working on them behind the scenes all the time. Tens of thousands of dollars every year is poured into new strategies, new online abilities and new solutions to improve our dealers operations. It is just like having an in-house team without the expensive salaries!


There are in the tens of thousands of pool/spa dealers and professionals across North America, however only in the hundreds will ever belong as members to the Elite Pool Program. Our objective is not to give it to everyone, but to make a small percentage of dealers the elite providing massive competitive advantage! We typically only recruit one dealer member for most cities/towns, providing our member with a distinct competitive advantage.

R & D Cost Sharing!

The platforms and solutions for both strategic online marketing and sales as well as backend business process automation would never be affordable to develop by a single dealer. The more dealers we recruit to the Elite pool Program each year, the more financial resources we have to advance every dealer each year with new ideas, applications, concepts and new strategies keeping EPP dealers true online innovators in the pool and spa industry. A truly community funded model, to benefit all.


Every part of your digital marketing and sales strategy working flawlessly together within one solution. Point of Sales solution, Website, Lead Generation & Lead Management, Marketing and Sales Automation, Email Marketing, Organic SEO, Direct Online Sales, right to Social Media.

Managed Services

By subscribing to our managed services level membership, you will get the most our of your new online marketing and sales machine. Not only will you have the industry's leading online platform for pool and spa dealers, we will run it for you too! With managed services, we do everything from consulting with you on your strategy, design and execute your campaigns, constantly evolve your website abilties, drive your online marketing activities such as Social media post, email marketing, website maintenance, ondeck Organic SEO and more.